I recently took a personality test that informed me (with no surprise to myself) that external accountability is an important motivator for me. Yup.

So - I'm asking you to help hold me accountable: I want to write and illustrate a children's book. Not only do I want to, but if I died tomorrow, not yet having started would be one of only a few regrets.

And every good project requires a little bit of research, right? That's what I think, anyway. So last week I took myself to the library to get some study material.

Now, I don't want to sound like a snob, but there are some terrible kids' books on the shelves. BUT! There are also some gems. Here are just a few of the favorites I found:

Oliver Jeffers is without a doubt a hero and a role model of mine. This is one of my favorite books of his - good in my opinion because it's about being vulnerable and noticing the delights that the world has to offer, even though that's often not the safest choice. So good.

What first caught my attention about this little book by David Lucas is that it looks like it was illustrated and published in the 70's. Turns out its copyright is from 2013. I love the line drawings - look at those trees!


Peter Reynolds is amazing. This book, along with another of his entitled "The Dot" will make you think twice about ever saying apologetically that you can't draw... or you're not an artist... or you can only draw stick figures.

Drawing people is intimidating, which makes me want to study and practice drawings like this: sketchy, loose, adorable. The thin, unimportant plot doesn't even matter because the book is just so stinkin' fun to look at.

So that's me expressing my goal (out loud!) and taking a brief turn as a children's book critic. Ask me in a year about the progress I've made. Until then, what children's books do you love?