I am excited to announce that the Red Umbrella Designs 2017 calendar is now officially at the printer!  This year's calendar has deep roots and draws inspiration from nature, as does Red Umbrella Designs itself.  It is available to order now, in two sizes this year: as an 11”x14” wall calendar or a 5”x7” magnetic calendar perfect for your fridge!

Red Umbrella Designs is proud to support the Methow Headwaters Campaign by printing their logo on the back of the calendar.  This coalition is "working to make federal lands in the upper watershed of the Methow Valley 'off limits' to industrial-scale mining," as stated on their website.  Stay tuned for further design-related involvement in this worthy campaign.

Less political and more cozy collaborations in the works include a line of neck pillows and hand warmers made from fabric custom printed with Red Umbrella Designs illustrations and sewn by fellow Venue artist Wendy Ohlendorf.

Stay warm while you wait!