Happy Thanksgiving eve!  Exciting news is that Red Umbrella Designs’ block sets will be featured in the Seattle Times Gift Guide, coming out tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day! be sure to grab a copy of your own for great gift inspiration for everyone on your list.

In other non-holiday news, my friend Claire Frazer (who is a very talented writer and up-and-coming blogger) was recently quizzing me about my process for designing wedding invitations.  She edited our conversation for your reading pleasure...

CF: What is important to you in working with your clients? What questions do you ask?

B: I want to create something special for the couple, and really make it whatever they want it to be.  Some people are attached to a certain symbol or imagery, and some people don't care about the specific content, but rather the feel.  It is fun to interpret different people’s preferences and requests, and it’s exciting to have such a spectrum of specificity  because it makes the work dynamic and variable. It is fun to indulge the client in their style, and to reflect them and their personalities.  It is a neat way to get to know people too.

CF: What do you like about designing wedding invitations?

Well, if you think about it, weddings focus on the good stuff; there is so much love and joy in the process compared to, say, the practicality of a designing a business logo.  I get a lot of positive feedback and excitement from the client, and the product is happy and pretty and joyful, which feels like a good fit with my art and style.

Also, I feel very honored that people are willing to splurge on a custom invitation, which really makes me step up to the plate for them.  There is an increased level of accountability that I like.

CF: How was all this different for you this year when you designed your own wedding invitation?  I saw you often through the process and I know it was a challenge!

B: It was maybe the hardest project I've had to do!  It was definitely a good lesson in how much I value my relationship with my clients...I was floundering without parameters!  I guess the sky was the limit and that was too big.  I was really happy with what we ended up with though.

CF: It makes me think of painting with a limited palette and how when you are restricted to only three or four colors, you have new freedom in other ways.

B: Yes! Or when you have to make dinner with only what you have in the fridge!

If you're in the market for custom illustrated wedding invitations I am accepting new projects for next year.  Get in touch 4-6 months before your wedding date so we have plenty of time for the design, editing, and printing process, and you have time to mail them!

Thanks to Claire for her work on this and upcoming blog posts.

Wishing everyone a warm and happy Thanksgiving!