Red Umbrella Design's series of holiday cards are hot off the press, the studio is filled to the brim with blocks, and based on the list of upcoming events, we might need to hire a troop of elves!

snowy animals.jpg

Please support your local neighborhood retail stores, artists, and craftsmen over the coming month! Here are a few suggestions of how to do that (and a few places you might spot Red Umbrella Designs products!)

Start your holiday shopping at Venue in Ballard on Black Friday! Spend a pleasant day wandering around historic Ballard, and know that a portion of all proceeds from Venue's sales will be donated to the Methow Valley Recovery Fund! Thanks to Diane for her huge heart and generosity! 

Visit the Fremont Art Walk on Friday Dec 5th. Red Umbrella Designs will be at Johnston Architects from 6-9pm (along with all-star Methow artisans Nicole Ringgold, Emily Post, and eqpd!)

Come down to hip Georgetown on Saturday Dec 6th for the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall Holiday Sale, 12-6pm.

Peruse through lots of local art at the King Street Makers' Market pop-up shop, happening Dec 5th, 6th & 7th at Plank & Grain Furniture Co. just east of the King Street train station.

If you're in Portland, come check out the Crafty Wonderland show Dec 13th & 14th! If you're not in Portland, send your friends!

And keep your eyes out... Special offer coming soon for anyone who will come say hi at our holiday events!